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San Francisco Color Consultant

Quality color consulting in San Francisco Bay Area

exterior color consultant interior color color consultation color consulting

People often want to see vibrant and more interesting paint color in their homes but lack the confidence to choose just the right one.

Paint color is the fastest and the least expensive way to breathe new life into a space and to literally transform an it to its best advantage.

Please don’t let the fear of choosing the wrong color paint stop you from expressing your love of color!

The purpose of a paint color consultation is to alleviate your doubts and fears and to get your home painted to your complete satisfaction. The job of a color consultant is to help you access and express your own sense of color style.

Our color consultation process is very simple:

  1. You call or email us for an appointment.
  2. The color consultant will arrive at your home and spend about an hour with you going over your ideas, magazine clippings, etc. or, if you would prefer, will suggest a few possible color schemes.
  3. Once your choice has been narrowed down, the color consultant can provide you with sample color brush-outs. These are cardboard cards with actual paint color painted on them. Brush-outs can help you visualize the final outcome.

Color consultation fees:

Initial home visit $300 .00
(for a two color color scheme, in San Francisco* )
Sample color brush-outs $45 .00 ea.
(about 8" by 11")
Follow-up visit (if required) $200 .00

* Please inqure about the price for the multy color jobs and travel outside of San Francisco.

Whether you need some fresh color ideas or just want someone to look over ideas your own, whether your aim is to completely change the personality of your home or to simply tweak your current color scheme, help is just a phone call away.

Call or email us today!
(415) 566-4910