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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Color Harmony?2023-10-16T22:16:10-07:00

It is generally understood that color combinations that appear pleasing to us are made up of colors that are in harmony or agree with each other. Colors that do not agree with each other, or that clash, are not in harmony.

What is a Color Scheme?2023-10-16T21:41:23-07:00

Colors that create an aesthetic feeling when used together will commonly accompany each other in color schemes. A basic color scheme will use two colors that are harmonious or look appealing together. More advanced color schemes involve several related colors.

What is a Monochromatic Color?2023-10-16T21:41:30-07:00

Monochromatic colors are all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue. Read more here.

What is a Hue?2023-10-16T21:41:36-07:00

The pure color with no white, black or gray added. For example, the hue of pink is red.

What is a Tint?2023-10-16T21:41:43-07:00

A tint is a color that has been lightened by adding white. (For example, adding white to red makes pink.)

What is a Shade?2023-10-16T21:41:49-07:00

A shade is a color that has been darkened by addition of black. (For example, adding black to green makes a shade of green, such as Forest Green.)

What is a Tone?2023-10-16T21:41:05-07:00

A tone is a color with some gray added. (Adding gray will result in the color being muted, or toned down, without making it too much lighter or darker.)

What is a Color Wheel?2023-10-16T21:52:42-07:00

A color wheel is a tool that can help us think about color. It is basically a circle of colors represented in the color spectrum. A typical color wheel is made up of 12 colors. Read more here.

What are Analogous Colors?2023-10-16T22:01:57-07:00

“Analogous” means similar. Analogous Colors lie immediately adjacent to each other on the color wheel, having one color in common. For example: yellow-green, green and blue-green, or yellow-orange, orange and red-orange.

What is True Complementary Color?2023-10-16T22:07:14-07:00

Complement Colors (also known as True Complementary) are any two colors located directly across from each other on the color wheel.

What are Split Complementary Colors?2023-10-16T22:07:01-07:00

Split complement color scheme is based on three colors. It uses a color and the two colors adjacent to its true complement. The split complement is an expansion of the true complement.

What are Triadic Colors?2023-10-17T10:37:02-07:00

Triadic colors are three colors equally spaced around the color wheel.

Who would do my color consultation?2023-10-17T10:43:29-07:00

Color consultations are done by our color consultant – Yefim Skomorovsky. Read more here.

What is the cost of the in-home color consultation?2023-11-12T14:05:00-08:00
How long does the color consultation take?2023-10-17T10:50:07-07:00

Our color consultations take about an hour to do.

Where do you get the color inspiration?2023-10-17T10:57:06-07:00
Should I have an accent wall?2023-10-17T11:00:34-07:00
What color should I paint my accent wall?2023-10-17T11:02:39-07:00
What is a Color Computer?2023-10-17T11:42:15-07:00

The Color Computer is an easy-to-use tool that can help you visualize color harmonies and results of various color mixes. Read more here.

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